Speeds Recovery of Common Horse Injuries

Alleva-Wave  ICES  PEMF  Therapy 

ICES/PEMF  Technology by Micro-Pulse LLC
                       For all Companion Animals

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Redesigned unit is 1/2 the size of previous models. This smaller, lightweight unit fits in the palm of your hand while producing superior durability and pulse strength while maintaining the same technical specifications, wave-forms frequencies and stimulation patterns as previous PEMF/ ICES devices manufactured by Micro-Pulse LLC 

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Allevawave pulse generator

Thoroughbred with ligament strain competing again.

Treating hock osteoarthritis in OTTB show horse.

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The new Alleva-Wave A9a is an alternative solution to conventional medicine in the healing of bone and soft tissue injuries, according to Dr. Robert Dennis, PhD, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and founder of Micro-Pulse, LLC. Unlike conventional Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) devices, Alleva-Wave goes further by incorporating Inductively Coupled Electrical Stimulation (ICES) technology that penetrates beneath the skin's surface and zeroes in on affected deep tissue. 


Its electro-magnetic waves excite cells to begin the healing process.  This new ICES technology has been shown to create nerve stem cell fiber growth and double the expression of genes related to tissue growth and the production of connective structures between cells grown in cultures at NASA. 

Scientifically designed and based on the laws of physics adn physiology, it's a natural path for cells to heal and regenerate in just a few weeks of treatment where other technologies fail.  In the Alleva-Wave pilot...(more)...

Alleva-WaveTM is particularly effective in treating horse injuries:

  • Tendons, ligaments and cartilage in joints
  • Cuts and surface wounds, including deep tissue
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Foot and hoof pain
  • Swollen and painful muscle-nerve injuries
  • Tooth pain


Reduce Pain and Speed Healing by Stimulating Stem Cell Production and Cellular Repair

* 400% increase in stem cell proliferation


* No electrodes, non invasive

* Safe & Effective

* Easy & Convenient to use

* Drug free, Surgery free Rehabilitation

* Natural Healing & Pain Relief

*Most advanced ICES - PEMF technology

*Free shipping to USA


New A9a Alleva-Wave unit

Alleva-Wave A9a Pulse Generator 

Patented technology with high precision pulsed wave that penetrates to the center of injuries.
Inventor Dr. Robert Dennis PhD

Dr. Robert Dennis PHD, Inventor

For over 15 years, Dr. Dennis continues to fine tune his original PEMF/ICES technology.

Heals competitive Hunter/Jumper

Horse Healing Success Stories

PEMF/ICES therapy helps horses recover from strains developed during stress of competition.

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